Here’s what some clients had to say…

“Thank you Ann, I found the session today very beneficial and really useful for our team to learn the “scaffold” around which they operate. They do so much right and it’s important that they understand and have called out the mechanics that they naturally go through to make our service what it is. A real take away is to make sure we create the consistent message for everyone.”
(Challenging Conversations Workshop) Sean, CEO, Credit Union

“Rowing Ireland was struggling through growth and success in recent years and needed someone to coach and guide us through a restructure. Ann consulted with Rowing Ireland in 2021 and her work has brought positively dramatic change and structure to our organisation. Not only did Ann support me as CEO, she supported the whole team and Board in making an excellent decision that will drive growth for the sport of rowing in Ireland.
I highly recommend Ann to any organisation or person seeking change and indeed I have recommended her to many of my sporting colleagues in National Governing Bodies responsible for driving growth.”
Michelle Carpenter, CEO

“The course was extremely helpful with a lot of indept information given to not only deliver strong presentations but how to interact with any audience type or level and how to get the most from the interaction. Training did not deal with endless models and theories but instead relied heavily on universal experiences that everyone can connect to so that the skill of presenting felt more attainable to all. Strong guide lines were given and a framework to build around.” (Powerful Presentations Workshop) Áine, TCD

Ann. Just a brief note of thanks for all your help during our recent sessions. Your professionalism and patient probing of the issues has helped me identify a path ahead and has set me to work on a time-bound personal action plan which I am sure will lead to positive outcomes in the none too distant future. The materials you recommended have been very useful in identifying the why element of the process and have challenged my thinking very positively. Thanks for everything and the very best for the future. I feel sure our paths will cross again and I look forward to that engagement.” Pairaig, Dublin

“It was a pleasure working with Ann while I was trying to find a new job after being made redundant. Ann not only helped me come up with a strategy on how to perform in the interviews but also helped me think in a clear way to give smart answers which resulted in a couple of job offers. She was also instrumental in demystifying my thoughts in relation to which offer I should choose, along with how I should be planning my first 30-60-90 days. Thank you Ann for your professional support and friendship.” Sanjeev, Dublin

I feel very lucky to have been assigned Ann as my Career Coach. She understood my needs completely and gave me great guidance and assistance in order for me to fulfil them. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ann. She is a total professional through and through.” Valerie, Cork

“I would highly recommend Ann as a career consultant. She provided great guidance and support allowing me to set and achieve goals and targets. Thanks to her I have now transitioned to a role I had set my sights on, Thanks again Ann for your professional support and friendship. Martin, Cork

“The course is professionally done and has a good mix of group and individual work.
Ann is an excellent trainer and makes a fantastic difference to the courses she teaches.”
Christina, Business Manager, Dublin

I really enjoyed this training, I feel that I learned and acquired practical skills that I can apply into my day to day work. The trainer was amazing, very professional, knowledgeable and experienced.” Barbara, PayPal 

“Graham brought clarity to my life. I thought it was a business problem but when I got my personal life on track the rest was easy. The best thing I learned from my sessions was time management and prioritising the important things. I run a busy life and now understand the importance of making time for myself.” PM, Bray

I found the course to be very interactive and engaging. We covered topics that were personal to us, allowing us to use the skills in our everyday tasks. Great training session.” Margaret, PayPal

“I can’t stress enough how much of a difference Ann has made to my personal and professional life. She equipped me with the tools to get my life back on track. I learned how to effectively set and achieve my goals in a practical manner, while she gave me the support to do so with confidence. Ann also made me discover what it is I really want to do with my life and instilled a belief in me that ANYTHING can be achieved with hard work, the correct preparation and dedication. I have not looked back since!” Kevin, Meath

“Really enjoyed the course. Well organized & a lot of useful & inspiring material.
Loved the tutor.” Polina, PayPal

“Starting the sessions I was quite confused in what I needed to do. I am amazed at how I was able to make a realistic plan. He [Graham] asked probing questions that no one ever asked me before and very soon my thinking was clearer and together we made a great plan…which I’m sticking to!” GD Dublin

“Ann was vitally important to me when setting up my own business. From the outset she helped me outline SMART goals and gave me the confidence and courage to deliver on them. But more importantly through my sessions with Ann, I could establish what was most important to me in having my own business and how I could hold true to my own values. I knew in Ann I had someone I could trust and a coach that cared about my business. I can’t thank her enough for her patience and empathy and would highly recommend Ann to anyone who needs some guidance and direction.” Anthony, Louth

“Ann was highly supportive when I moved to Dublin. She proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable which made it even easier for me to settle in. I really like her very positive energy and her big ability to build rapport. I would highly recommend her to any people looking for a Career Coach.” Nicola, Dublin