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Whether you are focused on organizational transformation, or are pursuing career progression,
SupportCoach is your trusted partner for delivering successful change.

Effective leadership is a continuous journey that demands:

  • increased self-awareness;
  • consideration of how you lead and develop others in complex hybrid and virtual workplaces; and
  • focus for successful strategies to motivate and engage teams during times of organizational transformation.

SupportCoach brings a human, energizing and inclusive approach to define, deliver and embed change.

Our services focus on the following key areas:





Leading Organizational Change

Support Coach Services

SupportCoach is your trusted partner for Success

Executive Coaching

Elevate your executive presence

Executive Coaching

Managing the daily challenges of business and life is complex. Goals can get stuck and your progress frequently gets side-lined! Multiple demands can monopolize your time. Leadership can feel lonely. Ambiguity can build stress and anxiety which often results in resistance to change and indecision.

Your objectives can frequently feel beyond reach.

When you engage with SupportCoach, together we will develop your leadership skills and executive presence, establish clear goals and define the steps to achieve them. Capitalizing on your strengths and your personal values, we will identify and navigate any barriers, drawing from our experience to ensure that you take the most appropriate action to achieve sustainable results.

Our structured coaching process is laser-focused on your growth, meeting either face to face or virtually. Psychometric tools complement our 1-1 meetings to elevate self-awareness of your strengths, values, personality and leadership styles, in order to capitalize on your executive impact. You will learn strategies for personal wellbeing and build key influencing skills to get things done when working with others, resulting in increased confidence.  

Whether you are a skilled leader with ownership of organizational progress, or new to leadership with responsibility to develop others, the benefits of SupportCoach’s Executive Coaching is invaluable to you and your career.

I can’t stress enough how much of a difference Ann has made to my personal and professional life. She equipped me with the tools to get my life back on track. I learned how to effectively set and achieve my goals in a practical manner, while she gave me the support to do so with confidence. Ann also made me discover what it is I really want to do with my life and instilled a belief in me that ANYTHING can be achieved with hard work, the correct preparation and dedication. I have not looked back since!”

Kevin, Louth

Core and centre always is YOUR success!


Build an empowered organization

You have responsibility for innovating and driving change. It is likely you will encounter many obstacles. Employees may resist and progress can be slow. Doubt and uncertainty may cloud decision making. Critically, the essential results are not being achieved. You are not alone!

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    SupportCoach’s Consulting focuses on 3 key areas:


      People make the difference and your company’s greatest asset is your team. They are the key differentiator your business has against its competitors.

      SupportCoach maximises your team’s performance through:

      • Clearly defined and agreed goals and objectives
      • Efficient use of time by all employees throughout the organization
      • Focused personal development plans for each employee
      • A collaborative approach to teamwork, enabling positively motivated attitudes.

      As external practitioners, SupportCoach provide end to end support for human resources needs:

      • Recruitment: Defining role specifics, creating job descriptions and supporting the recruitment process to ensure the most impactful talent is efficiently recruited;
      • Retention: Assessing the total reward packages you offer your employees and benchmarking with similar organizations, thereby validating competitiveness for improved employee experience.
      • Progression: Analysis of performance management process for effective growth. Ensuring your talent are in the right roles, are benefitting from relevant learning experiences and have increased talent mobility opportunities;
      • Succession: Risk analysis and future-proofing for critical roles to ensure business continuity during absence, following resignation or approaching retirement;
      • Outplacement: Providing insightful, objective guidance on next step opportunities to those whose roles may be critically impacted during organizational transformation.

      SupportCoach’s Human Resources consulting builds an engaged and empowered workforce


      Every company has different needs and the solution to your organization must be specific to its needs. By completing our “Business Health Check”, we gain quantitative and qualitative understanding of the organization’s challenges. Using these results, we will agree a specific programme to optimise your teams individual and collective performance. We will work closely with you, your executive team and your employees to enable continuous improvement and sustainable change for peak performance.

      The results include:

      • Organizational efficiency;
      • Clarity of roles and responsibilities throughout the organization;
      • Focus on continuous improvement for key processes;
      • Documented procedures that are fit for function and set for review and validation at defined intervals.

      Our response to your organization’s needs are tailored specifically to support its requirements.


      SupportCoach Process solutions are
      focused on Continuous Improvement


      Many consulting organizations offer excellent solutions for organizational change  … and then leave the organization to implement them. Research identifies that more than 70% of these change projects fail. At SupportCoach, we take a “one-size-fits-one”, bespoke approach known as Organizational Development & Transformation. Whatever the business challenge, we believe the best answers lie within your organization.

      We will support you to define a clear future vision founded on core values, and re-strategize the organization’s future direction, whether the change is within one specific area or across multiple functions.

      Together, we will:

      • validate the context and urgency for change;
      • create a clear vision of the end goal;
      • brainstorm to design a future structure for your organization’s transformation;
      • support you and your teams through all stages; and
      • successfully embed transformation.

      Throughout implementation, SupportCoach will partner with you. We will ensure your teams connect clearly to the “Why” for transformation, are clear about where each person’s role fits, can learn effective strategies to diffuse conflict and are fully engaged throughout the transformation process.

      We will embed a coaching, growth mindset within your organization, leaving your executive teams and employees resilient, self-sufficient and confident. Afterwards, we will revisit at defined intervals to smooth any challenges and ensure transformation is embedded.

      The success you want is achieved in a professional, human and motivational manner. Your employees will thrive in an environment founded on trust, creating psychological safety, gaining accountability for commitments and delivering sustainable results.


      Success depends on clarity

      Our approach

      • We will assess your company’s performance
      • Identify issues or potential roadblocks
      • Propose appropriate solutions
      • Collaborate with you and your team to deliver a successful implementation

      We facilitate this through:

      • Team and group workshops
      • Key stakeholder meetings
      • 1-1 Executive Coaching 
      • Psychometric assessments

      Prepare your business for outstanding performance with our Business Health Check

      I have been working with Ann while in charge of the Supply Chain for the Citrix EMEA organisation. Ann has been instrumental for us to build a scalable and quality focused manufacturing and logistics backbone to support our high growth EMEA customer base. Ann is an absolute expert in her field and she had all the industry contacts and relationships that mattered in that area. Her own work ethic and that of the team she managed had the “always-on” mentality and allowed us to succeed on our release targets no matter how tight the dates were scheduled. Beyond that, she and her team were great fun to work with, demonstrating our own Citrix motto “Work hard, play hard and have fun“.

      Robert, Switzerland


      A trusted partnership

      Business Mentoring

      I had pleasure of being mentored by Ann and found her highly motivating when I began my business. She made me look at it with ‘fresh eyes’, defining SMART goals and using SWOT analysis, as well as updating my programmes and general work plan. Thank you Ann

      Samantha, Louth

      Multiple activities and many decisions can lead to confusion about what is the best plan of action in a rapidly changing business environment. They may fail to allow adequate time to address each challenge appropriately.

      A SupportCoach mentor is a trusted partnership with a skilled consultant who will coach and support you and your business challenge as needed.

      Leadership creates so many demands that most of your time can be spent working in the business rather than on the business. We recognize the challenge of busy workdays and limited hours. A SupportCoach mentor is your trusted ally, objectively assessing each challenge, and guiding you to define action plans.

      We will support you to:

      • Resolve business issues motivationally and at pace;
      • Gain new business skills;
      • Learn from the challenges of others; and
      • Celebrate your successes.

      A SupportCoach mentor creates the momentum for innovative leaders like you to rapidly address specific business challenges with clarity, and lead with confidence.

      SupportCoach Mentoring services include:

      • A Boardroom Buddy who will mentor and partner you during change;
      • An Interim Executive to take ownership of critical organizational functions;
      • Access to a monthly Mentoring Circle with like-minded executives to gain alternative perspectives and resolve business challenges in a safe space.

      Success is founded on critical decision-making

      Call us today for an initial consultation with no commitment



      Innovate through inclusive facilitation


      The value of external facilitators to bring your teams together and innovate is powerful. Being separate from your business, we are solely focused on the success of your event without competing pulls of internal demands.

      We are curious, disassociated from internal politics, and unfraid of asking  challenging questions that unearth the real issues for your teams. We are skilled at rapidly building trust to brainstorm creatively and define appropriate solutions.

      Our Design Thinking facilitation approach is fun and inclusive. We believe that the success comes from collaboration to build engagement and keep energy levels high. Our results demonstrate that people collaborate best by “doing” and we bring innovative tools and exercises and ensure an open environment where every person has equal opportunity to contribute and be involved.

      A SupportCoach facilitator will bring the best to your event, whether this event is a workshop, a brainstorming session, a celebration or leadership development.

      “Excellent workshop – well presented. We achieved a considerable amount in a relatively short space of time and the materials are particularly helpful.” Andrew, PayPal

      Leading Organizational Change

      Deliver and embed sustainable change

      Leading Organizational Change

      Never let a good crisis go to waste.
      Using these powerful words attributed to Winston Churchill, there has never been a better time for change, driven by lessons learned from a global pandemic. Within weeks of pandemic lockdowns, organizations across the globe achieved more than they had planned to in years. While research from McKinsey Global Consultancy has shown that over 70% of change projects fail without the appropriate focus, the pandemic demonstrated that a sense of urgency, driven by inclusion of people in decision-making processes, creates engagement and a psychologically safe environment, despite the most fearful of circumstances.

      Transformative change considers people, process and systems. It inclusively leverages quantitative and qualitative data from your trusted internal and external resources to define the critical issues and create a bespoke framework for iterative and sustainable change. SupportCoach will partner with you to assess key areas for change and design a transformation plan specific to your organization’s needs.

      Together, we will:

      • clarify the context and urgency for change;
      • create a clear vision of the end state;
      • design a structured framework for your organization’s transformation;
      • support your executives and teams through all stages; and
      • successfully embed transformation.

      Success results from connection, clear communication, collaboration and consensus