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You are ambitious: You are a leader on a mission.
And you know you are capable of achieving great success!
Working with SupportCoach, the transformative results you want, in your business or your career, are motivationally achieved, with sustainable success.

SupportCoach’s uniqueness comes by combining our
extensive professional expertise with a collaborative coaching ethos.

“We need to build more organizations that prioritize the care of human beings.
As leaders, it is our sole responsibility to protect our people and, in turn, our people will protect each other and advance the organization together.
As employees or members of the group, we need the courage to take care of each other when our leaders don’t. And in doing so, we become the leaders we wish we had.”
Leaders Eat Last, Simon Sinek.

Lead with Purpose – Progress with Confidence

3 Pillars of Success


Developing Self

Development &
Career Transformation


Leading Others

Lead and
Develop Teams and Managers


Leading change


Success depends on Clarity

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Coaching, Consulting & Mentoring

Whether you are pursuing career progression or are focused on organizational change, you will find SupportCoach’s approach is human, energizing and inclusive. Core and centre always is delivering value
for success. Our services can be delivered face-to-face and virtually.
SupportCoach is your trusted partner for success.

Learning and Development Workshops

Leadership Development

At SupportCoach, we believe that Leadership Development is not only for leaders – it is for everyone. Developing leadership skills creates an engaged employee experience that differentiates a business from its competitors, consistently delivering outstanding results. Our facilitators are subject matter experts, laser-focused on your success.



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SupportCoach are a team of Leadership and Transformation coaches, accredited to International Coach Federation (ICF) and European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) standards. We have operated at leadership levels in global enterprise, SME organizations and run our own businesses.

Our uniqueness comes by combining coaching skills with practitioner expertise for positive, transformational results, focused on your success.

We facilitate your success in a professional and motivational manner.

Recent feedback

What our Clients say

Ann. Just a brief note of thanks for all your help during our recent sessions.
Your professionalism and patient probing of the issues has helped me identify a path ahead and has set me to work on a time-bound personal action plan which I am sure will lead to positive outcomes in the none too distant future. The flexibility you showed in terms of timetabling also aided me greatly as it has been a particularly busy time for me all round. The materials you recommended have been very useful in identifying the why element of the process and have challenged my thinking in a very positive manner. Thanks for everything and the very best for the future. I feel sure our paths will cross again and I look forward to that engagement
.” Pairaig, 2021

It was an excellent course, really engaging and educational from start to finish. It provided a wealth of hands-on experience and the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, which is what a lot of presentation is about!

Mark, PayPal

Powerful Presentations Course, PayPal

I feel that I can immediately apply these new skills into my current role, and be confident with them. Knowing how to influence others effectively, understand everyones socials styles. Ensuring that I have all the facts and ask approapriate questions when needed. I really enjoyed how Ann was so open to share her past experiences and how she dealt with a particular situation, by doing this it encouraged everyone to actively participate and share their stories.

Sandy, PayPal

Communications to influence Course

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