Leadership Development Programmes

Invest in yourself and your organisation

We live in a rapidly changing world with constant advances in technology, pressures in work, difficulties fitting everything in, not enough time to focus on what you want to do in your career or for the strategic direction for your organization.

At SupportCoach, we believe that leadership development is for everyone, not only Leaders. It is a critical investment in yourself and for your organization. It creates a positive organizational culture and gives an employee experience that differentiates your organization from the competition. It results directly in increased employee engagement, talent retention, innovation and an agile workforce. We have been privileged to watch increased organizational success when employees at all levels gain access to leadership development.

Our Leadership Development programmes are designed for completion in short timeframes to balance around work demands. Workshops are highly interactive, where participants practice new skills and receive feedback in a psychologically safe, motivational environment. Whether facilitated on-site or in a virtual classroom, we believe that fun is an essential ingredient!

Developing Self

  • Psychometric assessments
  • Transform your career
  • Increase your emotional intelligence
  • Communicate to influence
  • Grow from manager to Leader
  • Achieve the future you hope for

Leading Others

  • Build a culture of trust
  • Convert conflict to dialogue
  • Present with gravitas
  • Motivate and inspire progress
  • Achieve collective results
  • Build resilience and wellbeing

Professional Development

  • Lead with authenticity
  • Develop peak performing teams
  • Prepare others for change
  • Manage time efficiently & define goals
  • Embed a coaching culture
  • Deliver sustainable transformation

SupportCoach’s facilitators are certified executive educators, subject matter experts and industry practitioners with facilitation experience gained within Fortune 500 and leading corporate organizations. All assessments are completed confidentially and delivered by accredited practitioners who will supportively walk you through the outcome and agree a clear action plan for your progress.

Developing Self Programmes

Strong leadership grows with self-awareness which builds self-confidence. SupportCoach’s “Developing Self” programme is designed to identify your strengths and understand the emotions, needs and drives that impact you, your relationship with others, and your job performance.

Leading Others


As an established or new leader, SupportCoach’s “Leading Others” programme is designed to increase your influencing skills and positively impact performance – yours and your organization. It will develop your skills to build engagement and achieve mutually beneficial solutions and goals.

Professional Development Workshops

This suite of training solutions focuses on developing leadership capacity. They ensure critical skills are developed to navigate organizational challenges. These interactive workshops are tailored for groups up to 12 people and have been successfully facilitated with corporate and SME clients.