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Whether you are pursuing career on organizational transformation, you will find our approach is human, energizing and inclusive. SupportCoach is your trusted partner for success.

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Many consulting organizations offer excellent options to business challenges… and then leave you to figure out how to implement them. This approach frequently fails. Change is messy, however transformation takes a collaborative approach.

Whatever your organization’s challenge, whether related to people, process or performance, we will take a holistic view of its performance to identify what works well and where improvement is essential. We will run workshops with you and your teams and use quantitative and qualitative data to define the most appropriate solution, with a clear implementation strategy.

Throughout the implementation phases, we will remain beside you, ensuring your teams clearly understand their role, can navigate any conflicts and are engaged throughout the process. Afterwards, we will revisit at defined milestones to ensure transformation is embedded.

The results you want are achieved in a professional, human and
motivational manner, creating accountability for commitments and delivering the best results.

Support Coach Dublin - Coaching


Managing the daily challenges of business and life is complex. Leadership can feel lonely. Goals can get stuck and progress frequently gets side-lined! Multiple demands can monopolize your time. This can build stress and anxiety which results in ambiguity or resistance to change. Your goals can frequently feel beyond reach.

Together we will establish clear, focused goals and define the building blocks to achieve them. Capitalizing on your strengths, we will navigate any challenges, drawing from our experience to ensure that you take the most appropriate action to achieve sustainable results.

Core and centre always is YOU!

Support Coach Dublin - Mentoring


SupportCoach creates the momentum for innovative leaders like you to lead authentically and deal with specific business challenges with clarity and confidence.

A trusted partnership with a SupportCoach mentor is like having an additional financial controller, human resource manager, sales manager, operations manager or strategist available as they’re needed.

These are just some of the areas we can mentor your business to achieve continued success.