Leadership Development Workshops

Invest in yourself and your organization

We live in a rapidly changing world with constant advances in technology, pressures in work, difficulties fitting everything in, not enough time to focus on what you want to do in your career or for the strategic direction for your organization.

At SupportCoach, we believe that Learning and Development (L&D) is an investment in yourself and your organization.

It creates the employee experience that differentiates your organization from your competition. This results in a positive organizational culture, increased employee engagement, talent retention and an agile, innovative workforce.

Linkedin’s 2020 Workplace Learning Survey

In Linkedin’s 2020 Workplace Learning survey with global reach of 27 countries and over 5000 people, the top 3 areas of focus for L&D pros globally identified the following areas as their 2021 priorities for employee experience, retention and innovation:

  • 1. Upskilling and Reskilling  59% 59%
  • 2. Leadership and management 53% 53%
  • 3. Virtual onboarding   33% 33%

Statistics noted that employees who are offered internal mobility options through L&D stay almost 2X longer. SupportCoach offer a range of L&D options for you and for your organization.

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